Resilienz hat ihre Grenzen

Auch wenn ich die Gnade habe mich in einer Regiekammer „verstecken“ zu können, seit Tagen besteht mein Alltag aus Frühstück, Bad, Arbeiten, Schlafen und wieder zurück zum Eisprung.
Dazu kommen noch ein paar neue Projekte und wir haben im Moment keine Idee wie man Zeit für die Umsetzung generieren kann.

Dazu vermisse ich zwei Sendungen, was mir Amazon Key[1] sympathischer macht.
Die Sympathie verfliegt als ich mich frage ob ich dem Nachbar zehn Türen weiter einen Hausschlüssel überlassen würde; auch wenn sein Werken festgehalten wird.

[1] Artikel zu Amazon Key bei The Verge


Toothcare for Gen Z

First of all: i’m in no way, shape or form associated with the people who work on the thing i’m about to write.

Cleaning my teeth is something that….it does not bother me; i’m just a brutal brusher. Using an electric toothbrush on the other hand does not give me the feeling of clean teeth, which was verified by my dentist[1].

So earlier today the internet presence of a local newspaper made me aware of this:

I’m aware we’re still waiting for the laser-razor and other tech that got fianced via Kickstarter, but this sounds like it could work out.
An electric toothbrush does almost the same thing depending on which brush you use.

Perhaps my current Star Trek TNG rewatch factors into my decision and i could have burned the money[2], but let’s see where this goes.

Find the project page here.

[1] Just before he went into retirement. And his replacement isn’t as keen on the „fear patients“ part of the pratice he established.

[2] We donated glasses and toothbrushes, bikes and toys to the care project my in-laws partake in (so i know most off the stuff makes it to the intended receivers and have a say in what we use for bribes); so i guess i can blow a ridiculous amount of cash on possible future tech.

time will tell

My old watch took a blow that would have hurt my wrist eleven years ago; the case and part of the metal band broke when i unplugged a 125A CEE cable that sat a bit tighter than usual in the socket after an electrical error. Wrestling it free required less strength than i anticipated and the excess back i put into the pull had me flail my arms against the distribution compartments door frame.
On that day i gave up wearing wrist watches.

Using ones cellphone as a watch has given me the illusion of having more time at my disposal because it took the opportunity from me to check the time with a simple gesture. And when i did, the invention of the smartphone gave me a tool to for example, read a book if i felt bored at a social gathering for instance (when a printed book would communicate my state of mind to the other attendants).

A while ago i nearly missed an appointment at work because I forgot my phone in the director’s booth. My internal chronograph is usually well attuned plus/minus five minutes, but nonetheless i decided it was time to get a timepiece for work.

Casio’s classic models got my attention. I remember most of those watches from my days back in school, and when i picked up a parcel from a partner shop of the shipping company i bought a W800H model for 18 euros there.


The time is displayed in big numerals and it has an alarm feature, which i intend to use to remind me that i’m scheduled for the pre-show tour with the local authorities. The day and date is also readable and there is a green led that illuminates the display without being to obtrusive; which is great because when i forget to dim the phones display and check it during a show i sometimes get complaints.
And i dig the design! I always wanted a watch like Dick Tracy’s, but am not a fan of the iWatch or one of the Pebble smartwatches and this watch offers all the things i need from it and more: second timezone and a stopwatch; wrapped in a case that is note timeless in design but could fit in a sci-fi and with a different band in a „sci-/fantasy-noir“ setting like Dick Tracy.