I should tell the kids

I should tell the kids to drop a comically large weight on my head once i start to aggressively defend my stance on „everything was better when tv was black & white“.



Interesting to witness how some marketing/monetization gags still work. In this case a certain edition of an album by a YouTube personality contained a phone number he deemed to be his personal one. In the end it is just the means to connect to a WhatsApp-bot that sends you infos a few seconds before it does on other social media plattforms, but for my Niece the illusion still stands.

I’ve never called the hotlines of yhe equivalent of YouTube personalities back in my day, but would spend hours with calling book- and toystores, so i would not make the trip there for nothing. It took me two days to track down a book about cats until i found a used copy that helped soothe my musical craze when i was nine.


It is a struggle for me to find my own voice; in this case in photography. Sometimes, it seems that to achieve what i have in mind, i have to modulate another voice i like on top of mine, and then gradually come back into what i think is my own to add the qualities it lacked.
I often think about if this approach is an insult to genuine creativity and exploration. Emulating something works most of the time, but exploring and perhaps failing is also an experience that enrichens ones process.
Or i’ll just sign my work with „genuine hack“ from now on.

Also, i’m delighted and frightened by how enthusiastic my Nieces are about returning to school after their mid-term holidays.