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Due to a former school mate of mine i was able to see Wonder Woman before the movie officially started in austria and therefore got together with Niv earlier than planned to talk about it; amongst all the other pop-culture relevant topics in our orbit.

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ep.14- Miss Miracle

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording.


Goodbye Batman

Neca Batman’66 figure; photo by me
I remember it like yesterday; while being bedridden due to chickenpox i was allowed to watch even more tv than my parents already allowed me to. And on a saturday night my dad asked me if i wanted to watch Batman. I didn’t know anything about Batman other than a few pieces of artwork of him from Neil Adams and Jim Aparo. I agreed; and after two episodes, we got a whole storyline every saturday, i subconsciously agreed to become a comic reader and a fan of Adam West.

I don’t know much about Mr. West’s private life, only that he was considered to play James Bond before Roger Moore got the role and that he and Frank Gorshin allegedly got expelled from a Hollywood orgy because they could not stop the Bat-puns.

Like Bud Spencer’s death last year, Adam West’s passing today hit me harder than the passing of other people i only knew from tv/radio.
And i must admit it feels disingenuous to write this, because i only miss the ideal of a person while the family and friends lost a part of their lives.

Marvel’s Black Panther teaser

Damn timezones….getting up to a dozen articles on different outlets about this and every one can be reduced to one sentence: How soon is now?
As much as i appreciate these teasers it is starting to become a weary business with them. It’s all marketing, but it is some time until the actual movie comes out in the coming february. I want to get Thor: Ragnarok done before i’m hyping myself for King T’Challa.

Anyway, teaser looks great, dig that we get more Ulysses Claw and it seems that someone emptying all the ammunition he’s carrying at the moment at the Black Panther seems to become a trope with the character. Looking forward to the secret winner of Civil War’s own movie.

i planned on getting a Lego baseplate….

Because we were in the vicinity i wanted to get a baseplate to cut apart to use as a base for displaying Lego figures in our empty CD1 shelves then i saw that the second Thor: Ragnarok set was out. I did not realize that a Fenris was part of the set, thought the main price point is for the development of further small parts that will get lost due to their launch ability.
The highlight of the set is the Hela , who knew that we will get an almost comic accurate rendition in the movie and in toy form. And a Lego figure! Well, nothing should surprise the genre fan these days.

Okay gang, let’s boogie!


[1] We decided to only keep CD’s that are important to us, and sold/gave away the rest, leaving empty shelf space that we now use as „curated“ display space. Our younger niece is into painting on small canvases and has a permanent collection there (although i have to remind her that it has been a while since we saw something new).

Gourmet Fantasy

I finished the twelve episode season of Samurai Gourmet this week.
First, i should always check on the number of episodes of a show/season because i was adamant in my opinion that Gourmet had a 17 episode season; and second, it is one of the best things i’ve seen this year.

A story about a retired company man who hallucinates about a samurai, who conveniently teaches him how to deal with whatever obstacle arises in the episode sounds boring. But insert some gorgeous footage of meals being prepared for and afterwards eaten by an adorable japanese gentleman adds the….punch would be much to exaggerated a term to apply to this show. At its core, the presentation of the show illustrates how the freshly retired Takeshi has to adjust with life easing it’s foot off the throttle. This show is not about high stakes storytelling, it is about finding a new groove to dance to in faded pastel colours; which are reversed when the Samurai, Takeshi’s spirit-animal appears. the colour grading changes to more earthier, more saturated tones and the way actor Tetsuji Tamayama portrays the wandering warrior is a delight to watch. Instead of being petrified by worries and the surrounding thoughts, he just lives in the moment. To me it never goes into full absurdity mode; the visions end just before the moment we anticipate the Samurai to turn towards Takeshi to give him a reassuring wink.

Some of the japanese customs could take people out of the show. There is a short sequence in the last episode that made me cringe a bit.

As a person with an eating disorder i feel like a fraud to talk a out the food in the show, but except for the ramen in the second episode, every single meal is a mouth watering sight. The barbecue in episode four is a thing i still dream about.
But in some of the awkward social
situations i must admit that i could have taken Takeshi’s place as a younger, european version of him.

So if you are in need of a show that could be the perfect distillation of the term „comfort food tv“ and have the means to watch Netflix, i wholeheartedly recommend Samurai Gourmet to you.