trailer: Never Ending Man

Hayao Miyazaki seems to have worked through his retirement shock with coming out of retirement. After watching The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness last year which showed a titan of his craft finishing the famous last job to go out with a bang it’ll be interesting to see him rediscovering what he mastered with different tools.

trailer drop

Two trailers; two things i’m less excited about.

The Defenders

This smells like Iron Fist all over again. Nirvana’s music kills it for me and Charlie Cox’s entrance is a tas to cheesy.

The Dark Tower

This trailer feels like style over everything. Even the inclusion of the gunslinger mantra feels like to much whipped cream on top of to much whipped cream.
I wonder if the movie gathers a Ka-Tet large enough to make it a franchise. But even if it does not, somehow it still serves the Beam.

the balance

Yesterday we got the trailer for Episode VIII, now we get another Star Wars related trailer; for the fourth season of Rebels to be exact.
Things are coming to a close for the crew of the Ghost, but will the Spectres be exorcised or continue to haunt the Empire’s house? What sounds strange is the “focus” on Sabine, which is a great character but never felt like the broken girl she has been adressed as in the trailer.
But it could also just been used to further the drama. Anyways, i’m looking forward to see season four; and it seems i’m one of the few people who is ok with the fillers in season three.

that poster


Haven’t watched any of the panels due to life demaning me to focus my attention on other things, but that poster is such a great homage to the classic Star Wars poster without turning on the cheese to 11. Kylo’s head being smaller than Luke’s bothers me.
By the power of the force!

the teaser for Thor Ragnarok

The teaser for Thor Ragnarok is beautiful. Yes of course it follows a well established formula, the mouse eats your soul, etc., but it feels like there’ll be some change to how these movies feel and behave. There is this Kirby aura and it’s bright and Zeppelin is on and Hela’s headdress is ot just some dumbed down version but goes all out and Urban looks like they printed Skurge on him and on top of that is Jeff Goldblum who seems to act in a completely different movie.
I’m excited. More than i am for Guardians vol.2.