relics from far away [3]


The paperback version i got years ago looks beaten enough to justify the purchase of the 40th anniversary edition of the novelization of Star Wars. What i have not looked up yet is, if Alan Dean Foster’s contribution as ghostwriter of it is acknowledged in this edition[1].

[1] Although he stated that he’s ok with not being credited, i feel like it would be a nice gesture to do it now.

the Odinson and the King Of Monsters

Got a notification from Lego that the second set for Thor: Ragnarok is available and got it.


The Wife had a blast assembling the set and i dig the Gladiator Hulk figure. What i can say about both sets is that they are colourful. Like i said when i saw the teaser trailer for the movie, it feels very Kirby.

When i came home, my neighbors handed me a box from the far shores of japan that the postman tried to deliver and they took over for me (they even payed the import duty costs). It contained the second and third form figures of the King Of Monsters from Shin Godzilla by S.H. Monsterarts.


As much as i dig both figures, i came to the conclusion that they are a tad overpriced. Of course Bandai had to sell them as exclusives because they probably would not have gotten the numbers necessary to write a black number under the endeavor. I got them for a good price on shipping costs from a guy that sometimes gets me things from japan, but considering that we get an atomic breath version of Godzilla’s fourth form and no option parts set for the first release for the people that ordered the first iteration of the figure (like the person writing this post) makes these two guys feel like a cashgrab.

But seriously, looking at the price of the two Thor Lego sets and the Godzilla two pack i realized that i could start to change my shopping habits. It’s not like i don’t have any other hobbies.

Send help.

i planned on getting a Lego baseplate….

Because we were in the vicinity i wanted to get a baseplate to cut apart to use as a base for displaying Lego figures in our empty CD1 shelves then i saw that the second Thor: Ragnarok set was out. I did not realize that a Fenris was part of the set, thought the main price point is for the development of further small parts that will get lost due to their launch ability.
The highlight of the set is the Hela , who knew that we will get an almost comic accurate rendition in the movie and in toy form. And a Lego figure! Well, nothing should surprise the genre fan these days.

Okay gang, let’s boogie!


[1] We decided to only keep CD’s that are important to us, and sold/gave away the rest, leaving empty shelf space that we now use as „curated“ display space. Our younger niece is into painting on small canvases and has a permanent collection there (although i have to remind her that it has been a while since we saw something new).

relics from far away [2]: Multiple Vaderheads

This is one of those „collector’s know it best“ posts, take it even less serious as my other rants please.

Got the Darth Vader Transformation Lego set, no.75183, and was wondering about the head that comes with the final Vader figure. So i grabbed the Vader from the Final Duell set, no.75093, and look at that, we now have a Sebastian Shaw and a Haydn Christiansen version of unmasked Vader.

Sebastian Shaw’s on the right and Haydn Christiansen’s Lego likeness on the left

Couldn’t they have just included a second head in the newer set so collectors can display/store a Lego Vader knowing that under the mask lies the likeness of their preferred actor?

The set is neat by the way; of course it is overpriced considering what a Lego set of it’s price range consisted of twenty years ago, but for a Star Wars enthusiast it is a way to scratch that itch.

As always, send help.

relics from far away [1]: ewspaper Strips


FYI, from now on i’ll call every post concerning my Star Wars collecting habit „relics from a galaxy far away“.

Sometimes gift vouchers and the inventory of a store dictates which version of the Star Wars Newspaper Strips one reads.

Initially i wanted to get the IDW reprints, large hardcover books presenting the material in their original black and white renditions; but our fridge left the coil last week and while buying a book for one of my nieces, i came across the coloured newspaper strips edition as reprinted by Marvel comics in their Epic Collection line of Star Wars comics.
The collector in me wants to see the b&w versions while the comic reader is happy with the coloured version arranged in the wrong order.
The Star Wars nutter wants them both.
Send help.