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Due to a former school mate of mine i was able to see Wonder Woman before the movie officially started in austria and therefore got together with Niv earlier than planned to talk about it; amongst all the other pop-culture relevant topics in our orbit.

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ep.14- Miss Miracle

We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording.

Lies Of The Robots

Rock Paper Shotgun posted a short article about the 90s bomb Rise Of The Robots [link] and reading the article brought back my memories of the game.

I bought this with my birthday cash and the benevolence my Grandfather displayed towards his favorite grandchild and at the times it was the raddest thing, even if Brian May’s contribution to the soundtrack was just one riff. When the weekend was over brother dear and i realized that we were much to kind towards the game and it became a kind of trash competition thing when friends came around; the thing was a kind of grand equalizer because people who were skilled beat ’em up players would loose against less adequate contenders.
And for some reason the reveal in the loosing video of the protago-bot freaked me out enough to make me leave the room before it came up. I could bot find any video of it on YouTube, but it revealed the protago-bot to be an armored human being whose panicked gaze is revealed through the broken visor of his helmet.


sunday; 6:30 at work, photo by me
A few weeks ago i started participating in a self help group. We’re all left the “relatively normal” sign so far behind that we can’t even see it in the rearview mirror anymore, but i have the impression that i’m not as far ahead on that way like other participants.
My therapist says it is a good thing, we came to the mental picture of a self help group being both: a wave and the surfer riding it. One tries to contribute to the well being of others while also receiving the others contributions to one selves well being.
When i mentioned that i’m married i caught some surprised glances. It seems like i’m the odd one out, and fear that the other members think of me as not being worth their time and help.

relics from far away [3]


The paperback version i got years ago looks beaten enough to justify the purchase of the 40th anniversary edition of the novelization of Star Wars. What i have not looked up yet is, if Alan Dean Foster’s contribution as ghostwriter of it is acknowledged in this edition[1].

[1] Although he stated that he’s ok with not being credited, i feel like it would be a nice gesture to do it now.


In the last couple of weeks i was reminded that my native tounge, german, lost a lot of time on the stage on which my life is played out. Therefore i feel like i am less able to articulate myself in german.
So….german blog….i’m already posting here only sporadicly because i’m dead tired when i come home at work these days and some topics and things i’d rather talk about with my buddy Niv on our podcast and get another opinion instead of just shouting my take on it into the void.
And i would like to get back into photography. Held a Fuji XT-20 in my hands last week, and it is a beautiful thing. My Ricoh GR mk1 is still in good working order, but i stopped going out into the streets and focused on toy photography and producing short videos about projects my older niece does for school; and the later is something where the GR hits the ceiling fast.
And these days i need to save money. Badly.
Just some thoughts i needed ti get out.

Goodbye Batman

Neca Batman’66 figure; photo by me
I remember it like yesterday; while being bedridden due to chickenpox i was allowed to watch even more tv than my parents already allowed me to. And on a saturday night my dad asked me if i wanted to watch Batman. I didn’t know anything about Batman other than a few pieces of artwork of him from Neil Adams and Jim Aparo. I agreed; and after two episodes, we got a whole storyline every saturday, i subconsciously agreed to become a comic reader and a fan of Adam West.

I don’t know much about Mr. West’s private life, only that he was considered to play James Bond before Roger Moore got the role and that he and Frank Gorshin allegedly got expelled from a Hollywood orgy because they could not stop the Bat-puns.

Like Bud Spencer’s death last year, Adam West’s passing today hit me harder than the passing of other people i only knew from tv/radio.
And i must admit it feels disingenuous to write this, because i only miss the ideal of a person while the family and friends lost a part of their lives.

Marvel’s Black Panther teaser

Damn timezones….getting up to a dozen articles on different outlets about this and every one can be reduced to one sentence: How soon is now?
As much as i appreciate these teasers it is starting to become a weary business with them. It’s all marketing, but it is some time until the actual movie comes out in the coming february. I want to get Thor: Ragnarok done before i’m hyping myself for King T’Challa.

Anyway, teaser looks great, dig that we get more Ulysses Claw and it seems that someone emptying all the ammunition he’s carrying at the moment at the Black Panther seems to become a trope with the character. Looking forward to the secret winner of Civil War’s own movie.