Toothcare for Gen Z

First of all: i’m in no way, shape or form associated with the people who work on the thing i’m about to write.

Cleaning my teeth is something that….it does not bother me; i’m just a brutal brusher. Using an electric toothbrush on the other hand does not give me the feeling of clean teeth, which was verified by my dentist[1].

So earlier today the internet presence of a local newspaper made me aware of this:

I’m aware we’re still waiting for the laser-razor and other tech that got fianced via Kickstarter, but this sounds like it could work out.
An electric toothbrush does almost the same thing depending on which brush you use.

Perhaps my current Star Trek TNG rewatch factors into my decision and i could have burned the money[2], but let’s see where this goes.

Find the project page here.

[1] Just before he went into retirement. And his replacement isn’t as keen on the „fear patients“ part of the pratice he established.

[2] We donated glasses and toothbrushes, bikes and toys to the care project my in-laws partake in (so i know most off the stuff makes it to the intended receivers and have a say in what we use for bribes); so i guess i can blow a ridiculous amount of cash on possible future tech.