Lies Of The Robots

Rock Paper Shotgun posted a short article about the 90s bomb Rise Of The Robots [link] and reading the article brought back my memories of the game.

I bought this with my birthday cash and the benevolence my Grandfather displayed towards his favorite grandchild and at the times it was the raddest thing, even if Brian May’s contribution to the soundtrack was just one riff. When the weekend was over brother dear and i realized that we were much to kind towards the game and it became a kind of trash competition thing when friends came around; the thing was a kind of grand equalizer because people who were skilled beat ‚em up players would loose against less adequate contenders.
And for some reason the reveal in the loosing video of the protago-bot freaked me out enough to make me leave the room before it came up. I could bot find any video of it on YouTube, but it revealed the protago-bot to be an armored human being whose panicked gaze is revealed through the broken visor of his helmet.