In the last couple of weeks i was reminded that my native tounge, german, lost a lot of time on the stage on which my life is played out. Therefore i feel like i am less able to articulate myself in german.
So….german blog….i’m already posting here only sporadicly because i’m dead tired when i come home at work these days and some topics and things i’d rather talk about with my buddy Niv on our podcast and get another opinion instead of just shouting my take on it into the void.
And i would like to get back into photography. Held a Fuji XT-20 in my hands last week, and it is a beautiful thing. My Ricoh GR mk1 is still in good working order, but i stopped going out into the streets and focused on toy photography and producing short videos about projects my older niece does for school; and the later is something where the GR hits the ceiling fast.
And these days i need to save money. Badly.
Just some thoughts i needed ti get out.


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