Goodbye Batman

Neca Batman’66 figure; photo by me
I remember it like yesterday; while being bedridden due to chickenpox i was allowed to watch even more tv than my parents already allowed me to. And on a saturday night my dad asked me if i wanted to watch Batman. I didn’t know anything about Batman other than a few pieces of artwork of him from Neil Adams and Jim Aparo. I agreed; and after two episodes, we got a whole storyline every saturday, i subconsciously agreed to become a comic reader and a fan of Adam West.

I don’t know much about Mr. West’s private life, only that he was considered to play James Bond before Roger Moore got the role and that he and Frank Gorshin allegedly got expelled from a Hollywood orgy because they could not stop the Bat-puns.

Like Bud Spencer’s death last year, Adam West’s passing today hit me harder than the passing of other people i only knew from tv/radio.
And i must admit it feels disingenuous to write this, because i only miss the ideal of a person while the family and friends lost a part of their lives.