i planned on getting a Lego baseplate….

Because we were in the vicinity i wanted to get a baseplate to cut apart to use as a base for displaying Lego figures in our empty CD1 shelves then i saw that the second Thor: Ragnarok set was out. I did not realize that a Fenris was part of the set, thought the main price point is for the development of further small parts that will get lost due to their launch ability.
The highlight of the set is the Hela , who knew that we will get an almost comic accurate rendition in the movie and in toy form. And a Lego figure! Well, nothing should surprise the genre fan these days.

Okay gang, let’s boogie!


[1] We decided to only keep CD’s that are important to us, and sold/gave away the rest, leaving empty shelf space that we now use as „curated“ display space. Our younger niece is into painting on small canvases and has a permanent collection there (although i have to remind her that it has been a while since we saw something new).