relics from far away [2]: Multiple Vaderheads

This is one of those „collector’s know it best“ posts, take it even less serious as my other rants please.

Got the Darth Vader Transformation Lego set, no.75183, and was wondering about the head that comes with the final Vader figure. So i grabbed the Vader from the Final Duell set, no.75093, and look at that, we now have a Sebastian Shaw and a Haydn Christiansen version of unmasked Vader.

Sebastian Shaw’s on the right and Haydn Christiansen’s Lego likeness on the left

Couldn’t they have just included a second head in the newer set so collectors can display/store a Lego Vader knowing that under the mask lies the likeness of their preferred actor?

The set is neat by the way; of course it is overpriced considering what a Lego set of it’s price range consisted of twenty years ago, but for a Star Wars enthusiast it is a way to scratch that itch.

As always, send help.