I decided i should stop trying to stretch out watching Samurai Gourmet and get through it more swiftly.
It’s been “a while” (a month perhaps) since i had the pleasure of discovering Midnight Diner, and Samurai takes the “feel good” element that some episodes of Diner have and put’s them on ‘roids.


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  1. I loved Gourmet Samurai and am planning on watching it again. I have heard too many things about Midnight Diner so I guess that’s next on my list.

    1. I hope you enjoy Midnight Diner as much as i did! It is less mellow than Gourmet Samurai, but is still great comfort food.

      1. I just watched two episodes- LOVE IT! Heart-warming! And I especially love the starting of each episode where he repeats the lines – something like my life begins when everyone else goes to sleep- I don’t remember the exact lines but you know which ones I’m talking about, and then he turns on the lamp outside his shop. The little gathering of 4-5 people exchanging stories and the days’events- wish there were places like this everywhere and people shared openly without being so guarded… guess this really left an impression on my mind! :D

      2. I’m so glad you dig it!
        That was the same reason i got into it! Netflix recommended it and i thought „Well, i might as well watch this.“ and as soon as the monologue ended and he takes the last look at the lamp i was enamored. (And the fact that the first episode had a story relating to tokusatsu shows.)
        Perhaps we could start a franchise. I’d be a regular at such a place, but probably only to listen to the stories others tell.

      3. haha, agreed! It’s been some days I’m hooked to audible. They don’t have too many food books (or too many books actually) but a lot of the more popular stuff. I started with a light one- Rachel Dratch’s Girl walks into a bar. Hilarious. Loved her on SNL and tiny appearances on 30 Rock. I guess after I’m done with this, I’ll be back to Midnight Diner. Too many things these days! I’m not complaining though :D

      4. Yeah, we’re being spoiled on every front of entertainment. My reading pile has reached a distressing height.

      5. Today: Nora Ephron’s „Heartburn“, read by Meryl Streep. Bought two Umberto Eco books and a Neil Gaiman… I haven’t sketched in days. Not good :( What are you currently reading? …and there are more episodes of Midnight Diner waiting…and a new season of Orange is The New Black… the next thing I’ll hear is there’s a 50% on Funko pops.

      6. Funko Pop sales are the worst. It’s the last thing i can say „no“ to without having the decision nagging at me.
        Which Eco books did you get? I plan on starting The Name Of The Rose in the foreseeable future.
        I’m a very slow reader and am currently trying to get through „Who am i?-And if yes, how many?“ and „Essays In Idleness“.
        So many new things….i’m currently re-watching Star Trek episodes because i’ve never seen them in english.

      7. I bought Serendipities: Language and Lunacy, and How To Travel With a Salmon and Other Essays by Umberto Eco. I read a lot sometimes but at other times, I just have books collecting dust. Just watched Freedom Writer’s Diary. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Funko pop sales hahaha I have yet to see something like this in India. Most funko pops are twice the price here so I get them when traveling elsewhere. Recently bought the queen of hearts (Alice in wonderland) and Time (Alice through the looking glass). Are you on instagram?

      8. So rather „heavy“ stuff.
        I get Pops mainly from sales in germany; works out to the regular price with shipping costs.
        I am on instagram, asteroid_hopkins is my username. Please write me a direct message!

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