time will tell

My old watch took a blow that would have hurt my wrist eleven years ago; the case and part of the metal band broke when i unplugged a 125A CEE cable that sat a bit tighter than usual in the socket after an electrical error. Wrestling it free required less strength than i anticipated and the excess back i put into the pull had me flail my arms against the distribution compartments door frame.
On that day i gave up wearing wrist watches.

Using ones cellphone as a watch has given me the illusion of having more time at my disposal because it took the opportunity from me to check the time with a simple gesture. And when i did, the invention of the smartphone gave me a tool to for example, read a book if i felt bored at a social gathering for instance (when a printed book would communicate my state of mind to the other attendants).

A while ago i nearly missed an appointment at work because I forgot my phone in the director’s booth. My internal chronograph is usually well attuned plus/minus five minutes, but nonetheless i decided it was time to get a timepiece for work.

Casio’s classic models got my attention. I remember most of those watches from my days back in school, and when i picked up a parcel from a partner shop of the shipping company i bought a W800H model for 18 euros there.


The time is displayed in big numerals and it has an alarm feature, which i intend to use to remind me that i’m scheduled for the pre-show tour with the local authorities. The day and date is also readable and there is a green led that illuminates the display without being to obtrusive; which is great because when i forget to dim the phones display and check it during a show i sometimes get complaints.
And i dig the design! I always wanted a watch like Dick Tracy’s, but am not a fan of the iWatch or one of the Pebble smartwatches and this watch offers all the things i need from it and more: second timezone and a stopwatch; wrapped in a case that is note timeless in design but could fit in a sci-fi and with a different band in a „sci-/fantasy-noir“ setting like Dick Tracy.