surveillance state

„Don’t worry if i seem a bit off, i just took a pill to calm me down and i’ll probably doze off for a few minutes.“ a co-worker told me after he came into the director’s booth. He was shaking; his voice was steady and calm though. I asked what is up and if he wants me to call the first-aid responders. It was the first of the two questions that i should not have asked.

He told me that he has spent the last hours listening to his partner’s conversations at home through the surveillance devices he has installed while they built their house.
My best guess is that you are asking yourself the same question that i asked myself that moment: you rigged your whole house with cameras and microphones for the purpose to keep your partner in check?

I’m sitting in a glasshouse with my own problems and therefore keep the stones on the floor, but i was shocked when i heard how his partner is talking about him when he is not around, she seems to have not had a conversation that was not focused on the kids or their work schedules in the last couple of weeks, so the blows hit him with more impact than they would have anyway; but i guess that after such a long period of silence one can not anticipate it to be explained with „You’re such a neat person, i did not find the words to properly articulate the level of awesome you’re residing at.“
I asked him if he is happier now that he knows the truth, and my best guess is that the pill started to work it’s magic and that factored heavily into his response because he just looked at me.
I recommended getting rid of all the cameras and microphones or ask a person from his circle of trust to do it and bury the stuff somewhere; if his partner finds out about living in 1984 he will surely only have a lively exchange with her lawyer and in the case of them separating he can’t use any of the recordings to accuse her of already having had a different partner at the time of when they asked the bank for the money to build the house; which i can’t imagine is not an apply able condition to anything in an court.
To that i got an answer: i’m not ready for that.

Which reminded me that getting ready might be an important task on my to-do list; should i ever choose to change.