articulating feelings

Working through the latest recordings of the podcast i’m a part of has been extraordinary taxing. My job kept me busy into the morning hours this weekend and i’m still fatigued, which provided a good starting point and three hours of material need their time to be listened to, combed through for additional shownotes, edited, sound adjustment have to be made and i haven’t even started on working on the blog post/shownotes; but what is bothering me is that i have been plannjng and mapping out this episode for a long time and then having it hijacked by my co-host. And i’m not the guy to argue so i just kept my mouth shut and let him ride the boat.
And that is my problem and i should do something about it, but frankly, it all fits in with the theme of being perceived as the tech support monkey/outdated placeholder that plagues me these days.
People seem to come to me when they need something enabled but are to lazy to ask google; and idiot that i am i’ll help them gladly.


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