The Wife gave me a notebook she customized to be used for the podcast i’m co-hosting.

Photo 06-04-2017, 19 00 27

Photo 06-04-2017, 19 01 34

Photo 06-04-2017, 19 02 24

By accident the 40th Anniversary Black Series Darth Vader figure was delivered today; which i did not expect until the end if the week. Had to pair hin up for a reunion photo with Force Ghost Obi-Wan from olejadejawcustoms.

Photo 06-04-2017, 11 30 24

Photo 06-04-2017, 12 46 18

I’ve also got a few likes on Instagram from Michael Oeming. For a few comic reviews. That reminded me to catch up on Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye.


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