In december a trainee of ours completed his education. We exchanged contact details in the hope that we would stay in touch. It wasn’t an easy time with him, but there is a sense of pride and joy when someone you tried to educate seemed to have put the things you tried to convey to good use. Even the things that we messed up.
He was hired as an lighting operator on a cruise ship. We didn’t hear a word from him, but that changed yesterday!

He’s currently in asia and sent me pictures from a hobby store. Lots and lots of used gaming consoles and cartridges, action figures, busts, statues and he even went to a store that sells rip-off moving-heads. Says they got some to replace a few fixtures that are broke beyond the meana of repair available on the ship and the quality isn’t that bad for the price.

It was good to hear from him, and to see that this big step he took off the continent worked out.


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