I started selling off my mint on card/in box Masters Of The Universe classics toys. All they did was getting dusty in storage, and most of the stuff are doubles and triples of the things i have on shelf in the apartment. I’m not one of the collectors that have to have everything, but a dreaded cherry picker. Only the figures i actually had back in the days or the ones that i have a very emotional attachment to are the ones i’m interested in.

So, yesterday i started shipping out the first set of boxes; and oh, were they a glorious thing to behold. For one set of figures i fashioned a box out of three. “Frankensteined” a box would fit better as a description of the act of cutting them
Into pieces and assemble them with the help of gaffer tape.
I wonder if my plan works out and the buyer just needs to cut one strand of tape for the whole thing to disassemble without further doing.


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