Barren territory

In reaponse to today’s writing promt from Daily Post.


One of the obstacles my broken mind puts in it’s way is the need for clean hands. It started in school with hygiene education. That left an impression on me, and i looked a bit closer after my hands to the point that i was considering donating my skin flakes to a snow globe factory.
It got better to a point where, for example i would not wash my hands after i had touched my trousers, and stayed that way for a while.
Since i had a case of pneumonia that knocked me out for a month a few years ago, it has become more of an issue again. Good thing i have to wear gloves at work, which helps me not think about what i’m touching and come up with plans to touch as much as possible in a row to only have to go through the cleaning ritual once.
Nonetheless i go through silly amounts of hand disinfectant, and by this time my hands are probably so clean that nothing organic can inhabit them.


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