such attention for a few inches

Let’s talk about sexualtiy. It’s a topic i’m not comfortable with and perhaps it would be good to challenge oneself once in a while.

I choose the topic because we watched a thing about the human penis and how it evolved over time. In the show, a guy with a Phd in something who likes to compare the sexual behaviour of primates and humans presented an artifact from way back when that resembled a penis. When asked what how our ancestors might have used it he said, that i could have been a piece of paraphernalia used in ritual, a kind of calling card for a group of people or a weapon. And, but he wasn’t to sure of that, it could have been used by the female members of the groupe as, well, a member.
That made me think about how we deal with sex in our culture. We might perceive ourselves as sexually educated beings that practise the art of intercourse not only to prolong the existence of the human race but also as an alternate form of communication, an activity, a crime. It is a part of our very being, something that gives but also takes power away from us. And then someone with a degree wants to tell us, that humans who had the tools to fashion a penis out of stone did so to use it as a weapon. Because a short, blunt rod made from stone[1] is preferable to say a spear or a hammer when one has the choice. Of course it was a „cult“ item like the venus of willendorf but nobody can tell me that humans didn’t use the thing for self pleasurement.
Afterwards there was a discussion about the female sexualty. And while i so far was never able to have the female experience on the topic, it felt like they ticked of a checklist out of a livestyle magazine. Bringing a woman to the point where she agrees to get intimate with one feels like a task the partner has to prepare months beforehand. That sounded insane and i was glad that sexual therapist, a woman, who was part of the discussion said that most female patients are frustrated because they want to Get It On while their partners want to be left alone. Of course it’s different strokes for different folks, but i don’t think that we’re generally that different in sexual behaviour, which is a long way to say: i assume it starts in the head for both.

[1] which is not fair, because two or three of the items the guy has in his inventory could be used to bludgeon another human being to dead


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