A few years ago i was confused with a known shoplifter and was introduced into the world behind supermarkets, specifically the facilities that house the store detectives.
I got reminded of that incident when i realized how many cameras are mounted in a supermarket we visit during our lunch breaks.
J, a colleague, asked if i had seen a photo of the actual perpetrator, and if he was my mirror universe counterpart. I have not seen a photo, and i had shoulder long hair back then and was shaven clean, so he must have been bald with a beard.
Our train of thought took us to my evil counterpart trapping me in his dimension while he took over my life in our world. We started world building. Let’s say i try and purchase something in the mirror universe, i would get arrested for not shoplifting and then thrown into a nice place in the suburbs for a few months because in the mirror universe, where everyone is evil, jail is the standard accommodation. We started to think about an economy that is based around stealing, lying and cheating. My counterpart would get mad because he misses his cell while earnest living condemns me to a life of luxury in the evil realm. Soon the rest of our world finds out about the evil realm and we go to war for it.
We did not get further than that.


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