Aeon Flux was something from the list of „things i should have not been left alone with“. I remember buying the series in VHS after i watched The Maxx. Back then my english was even worse than today, and it was a struggle to get sense out of it. But my brother, our friend and i watched, pressed rewind and watched again, getting one more piece of information out of it. Ask the internet? That was sci-fi back then.

Aeon Flux on the other hand was a struggle i faced alone. Watching the whole tape almost daily during one summer. It disturbed me, made me ask questions and aroused me.
This week, my good mate The Toff and i watched one of the shorts (the one with the elevator and the locker-key) and an episode (the one where Trevor traps the political leader and everyone has the key to Aeon’s chastity belt) and it all came back to me. Putting this tape on play all those years ago is probably one of the milestone moments that lead to me being a weirdo.

Later i got up early before work to watch the Justice League cartoon and Phantom 2040 which was a show for which Peter Chung did the character designs. [i just learned that he also directed C.O.P.S. which was also i show i liked (built a replica of the robotic dog out of different building blocks) which makes sense and i’m ashamed i did not figure it out by myself]

[Aeon Flux short on youtube]
[Phantom 2040 on YouTube]
[C.O.P.S. intro on youtube]


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